Web Security

Protect your users, network and devices from internet-based Cyber Attacks. Modern workloads and accessibility to them from anywhere means added threats to your Information and Data. Meta Infotech understands the most important use-cases for securing your Internet-facing Information Assets.
#Focused use-cases

Filer and firewall threats from the internet including advanced malware. Mitigate risks before they can laterally spread.

On-prem Proxy
Increase the Efficiency, Privacy and Security of your services to users by deploying leading Proxy solutions.
Cloud Proxy
Deploy features and added layers of security that are not provided by SaaS in its original form.
Hybrid Proxy
Manage security for hybrid workloads seamlessly and efficiently and also adhering to compliance.
Web Isolation
Protect users from malware by creating an isolated sanbox environment for browsing.
Threat Intelligence
Get renowned Threat Intelligence feeds to achieve Security Orchestration, Automation and Response.
#Other Solution

Looking for additional Solutions to transform your Security?
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