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Enable secure, on-demand access to corporate applications anywhere, anytime from any device

Accops Product Suite

Accops Digital Workspace
Accops Digital Workspace provides a comprehensive, zero-trust-based end user computing solution, enabling secure and instant access to business applications from anywhere, any device and any network.
Accops HySecure is a Zero Trust-based Application Access Gateway that allows your workforce to safely log in to corporate applications and desktops, and access private applications they need to be efficient and productive.
Accops HyWorks
Accops HyWorks gives the modern-day professional, flexibility and agility to work anywhere, anytime and on any device, enhancing job satisfaction and engagement.
Accops HyID
Accops HyID is a futuristic identity and access management solution that safeguards critical business applications and data from misuse by internal as well as external users, by managing user identities and monitoring user access.
Accops BioAuth
Accops BioAuth is a comprehensive biometric authentication server providing fingerprint and face authentication solutions. With its unique architecture, BioAuth can be used to quickly enable biometric-based multi-factor authentication to any corporate application or PC or laptops.
Accops HyLabs
Accops HyLabs helps universities, educational institutes and L&D organizations create, manage and monitor virtualized ICT labs and provide real time access to the ICT enabled labs from any device, anywhere & anytime.
Accops HyDesk
Accops HyDesk is a family of energy efficient, cost effective endpoint devices to replace legacy PC-based computing with centralized, web-based computing.
Accops Nano
Accops Nano is a revolutionary mode of access made for BYOD devices that provides secure and compliant remote access to business applications and virtual desktop infrastructure, enabling instant and secure work from home.
Accops HyLite
Accops HyLite allows users to access corporate virtual desktops and applications, from anywhere, using any device simply through a modern & compatible web browser.