#Intelligence-Led Security

Recorded Future

#Stay One Step Ahead of the Adversary
The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform delivers accurate and actionable intelligence at the right time and the right place, giving you the visibility you need to stay one step ahead of the adversary.

Role-Based Intelligence Supercharges Every Security Function

Brand Intelligence
Makes it easy to detect and take down suspicious activity such as brand impersonation, leaked credentials, domain abuse, fake social media accounts, and more.
Threat Intelligence
Equips security teams with high confidence, dynamic threat intelligence to inform security strategies and defenses.
Third-Party Intelligence
Eliminates the guesswork and hassle of traditional vendor risk assessment by providing deep visibility into suspicious activity related to your organization’s vendor ecosystem.
SecOps Intelligence
Enables security operations and incident response teams to make fast, confident decisions.
Vulnerability Intelligence
Scores vulnerability risk based on real-time exploitation trends, providing context to quickly prioritize patching, while reducing downtime and preventing attacks.
Geopolitical Intelligence
Accelerates critical decision-making with contextual OSINT data on geopolitical threats and trends, empowering you to understand shifting dynamics and protect your assets.
Identity Intelligence
Prevents identity fraud by proactively verifying the authenticity of personnel and third-party identities
Card Fraud Intelligence
Proactively reduce credit card fraud exposure and risk with fraud intelligence from underground and deep web sources.
Attack Surface Intelligence
Shines a light on attack surface blind spots by providing an outside-in view of an organization for proactive risk reduction.