Email Security

With the advent of the Digital Economy, protecting your Email Information and Assets is of paramount importance. Whether it is things that affect Email Deliverability, Domain Protection, Brand Protection, protection against Phishing or Gateway level protection, Meta has a whole gamut of experience in making your infrastructure safe and secure.
#Focused use-cases

In this highly digital era, Emails have become Mission-critical for business communication including your Marketing efforts. It is critical to protect the email infrastrcuture at every layer.

The number of phishing and smishing attacks is on the rise. We deploy solutions that provide excellent protection against these attacks.
Gateway Security
Protect the email gateway with a strong Engine that has the best threat intelligence and mitigation features to manage and avoid email based exploits.
Ensure and improve email deliverability by deploying DMARC solutions that help analyse traffic and deliverablility to augment your efforts to protect the Email infrastructure.
In today’s Digital world, it is critical that emails sent from your infrastructure are recognised by the recepients email infrastructure as authentic.
#Other Solution

Looking for additional Solutions to transform your Security?
Here are some of our Solutions.

Looking for additional Solutions to transform your Security?
Here are some of our Solutions.

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